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Effizientere Teams innerhalb von vier Wochen durch gezieltes Coaching. 🚀

Vom Chaos zur Ordnung:
wie du Arbeit & Privatleben mit agilen Methoden optimierst.​
Coaching für CEOs und Product Teams.

Effizientere Teams innerhalb von vier Wochen durch gezieltes Coaching.

36 Prozent Kostenersparnis nach drei Monaten.

Sofort mehr Struktur in Arbeit und Privatleben durch 1:1 Coachings.


Ben Kohler,
Agile Coach & Digital Product Consultant

Seit mehr als 20 Jahren berate ich Kunden rund um die Themen Produktentwicklung, digitale Prozesse und agile Arbeitsmethoden.

Wie ich KMUs helfen kann

Was meine Kunden sagen

Christian Schieber, CEO Bytabo

»I've known Ben for more than 3 years now and have worked with him on several major Scrum projects. Ben convinces by his excellent agile understanding and is an extraordinary teamplayer. With Ben you have the perfect balance between professionalism, discipline, digital/agile knowledge and fun.
Even after our work together we are constantly in exchange and help each other to improve further. Thank you Ben!

PS: Furthermore Ben is a great author. I can highly recommend several short stories and his book "the agile attitude".«

Maximilian Schneider-Ludorff, CPO luca App

»Ben's drive is incredible. He inspires whole departments to agile and progressive spirit. His open and fast-forward attitude enables teams and single persons he mentors as well. It was a great time working with him and felt like I had a "partner-in-crime" for modern tools, methodologies, and processes this industry needs so badly. I hope to work with him again sooner than later.«

Ilona Ludewig, CPO, CEO

»I hired Ben to join 4hundred (now Octopus Energy Germany) as Scrum Master and found him an excellent coach for both our Product and Tech teams. He was able to remove obstacles to cross-team communication, streamline processes, and inject new approaches, leading to better results in development speed, user centricity and team collaboration. Ben bridges tech and product effortlessly, has an innate sense of potential barriers to progress and gives teams the tools to identify these earlier, and manage them successfully. Ben is a joy to work with and I highly recommend him to teams striving to improve their innovation game.«

Vereinbare jetzt ein kostenloses, unverbindliches Erstgespräch

In einem ersten Gespräch erklärst du mir deine Herausforderungen und ich schaue, ob und wie ich dir helfen kann. Kostenlos und unverbindlich. Garantiert. 

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